Massage is an effective tool to manage stress and RSI symptoms.  However, a complete self-care program including proper diet, sleep, exercise, and stretching, is important to optimize health and prevent injury from daily stresses.

Here are a few on-line resources. 
Individuals should always consult their physician before beginning a new exercise program.  All stretches and exercises should be performed with caution to prevent injury from over stretching or over exertion.   New England Workplace Therapies, LLC does not endorse these companies.

New England Workplace Therapies is one of the best mobile massage companies devoted to promoting wellness in the workplace.


Here are a few online tools that will remind you to stretch at work or at home, and lead you through quick, convenient and effective stretches to prevent and manage repetitive strain injuries.


Poor posture is one of the leading causes of neck pain.  This website provides stretches and other resources to prevent and manage cronic neck pain.


Learn about the link between posture and shoulder pain, and how to prevent and manage muscle strain.

Learn how to manage this painful condition.

Need a partner in weight loss?, founded by Melissa Koerner, offers health coaching, health tips via email, customized meal and fitness plans, and a 12 week weight loss challenge.  Don't wait another day to lose weight, feel good and be fit!

The Wall Street Journal named Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal and Calorie Counter by FatSecret as the top calorie-counting apps for mobile smartphones.  Knowledge is power.  Gain control of your weight and health by tracking your food intake and exercise throughout the day.  This tool is fast, simple, and free.

Tips for healthy eating at work.

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