New England Workplace Therapies was founded in 2006.  We currently serve corporate clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Our therapists are professionals. 
We are National Board Certified, licensed, and insured.  Our therapists are members of the American Massage Therapy Association, the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals, and the NGS/Parker network.

About the Founder:
I spent 15 years behind the keyboard and computer monitor for several corporations.  Over the years, I developed a bad back, stiff neck, and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.  I loved my work, but hated what it was doing to my health.  The last company I worked for offered on-site chair massage as an unpaid perk to its employees.  I tried it out and was hooked.  A simple 15 minute massage on a weekly basis made SUCH a difference in my work day, attitude, and life!  I became a loyal weekly client.  I didn't just feel better, however, I was inspired.  I became determined to help others in the same way.   I strive to help as many people as I can, through my own work and the work of my team of talented, professional massage therapists, to live and work happier and healthier.
Best Wishes for a stress free day!
Jeannette Hallerman

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